Geopolitics of Meditararrean Sea

Mediterranean coast may seem to be a spot of beauty, beaches and vacations and retirement, but it also carries many responsibilities with it also. It is very understandable that all the seas around Europe are very strategic and can be very harmful if dominated by wrong power like happened during second world war when Nazi... Continue Reading →


North Korean Intentions refined

Unrest in Korean peninsula can be considered as the most talked issue in the world today. There are two major reasons for this. The First reason is that it can result in nuclear war and secondly, USA is engaged. But conditions now seems better, at least better than it was last year. Last month Kim... Continue Reading →

Chinese revolution and afterward

Fall of the Japanese empire in East Asia was a huge victory for USA and allies. New revolutions and new waves of voices were all-over. Demand for a proper government was there. As in other newly formed countries, In China also, USA wanted capitalism to strike whereas communist USSR wanted communism or socialism to rise... Continue Reading →

Berlin bluff

The USA played a very smart move during the cold war, having a very comfortable situation. Cold war, was a war in which the USA and the soviet union played many proxy or indirect war. Some of the major wars were Korean war, Vietnam war, and Berlin crises. During the cold war, German was divided into... Continue Reading →

Korean war: blink of WW3

The Korean war, which was very close to third world war, was prevented but already resulted in bloody and general war in Korea. After second world war, USA wanted peace, they don't want any other war. All over the media, they spread words of peace and foreign politicians were assured that now the USA won't... Continue Reading →


Russia produces a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and is, therefore, an important country in the international climate negotiations. The Kyoto protocol did not come into force before it was ratified by Russia. In fact, Russia is the fourth largest greenhouse gas polluter, and a global survey of 40 countries released this summer found that... Continue Reading →

Conditions after second world war and Marshal plan

Second world war affected the world completely. Second world war destructed Europe, especially countries like Germany and Poland. Citizens were affected and so was infrastructure. End of Second world war was deadly. this war claimed the most number of lives including battle deaths and civilians of all countries, is estimated to have been 56.4 million,... Continue Reading →

Two Battles and a japanesse gamble

I will go wild in pacific for 6 months, after that I dont guarantee anything - Yamamoto (Japanesse Naval commander) In 1941, Japan played a gamble, a huge one. Japan wanted to rise, they wanted to show the world that what they got and wanted to answer back the world for what they got during... Continue Reading →

City case: Afrin and Ghouta

Syria is witnessing the dual front situation. Both of the major cities in Syria are under forge and people are suffering in huge number. The first city is Afrin which is near Turkey and the second one is Ghouta. Afrin Afrin is located in northern Syria and currently under pressure by Turkey. Turkey wants to... Continue Reading →

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